Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These hacking days

It is interesting to see how initiatives can bring out fresh air to the development scene. Hacking is somehow an innocent and irreverent activity that can lead to a wide range of emotions: laughter, fun, cry, excitement, frustration...

Last months I've been part of the Music Hack Day in Barcelona, Boston and Cannes. They have reminded me to the Campus Party events that take place since some years ago in Spain. There you can meet a lot of crazy people, share passions, take the most of the time, and sometimes you can also compete for prizes.

After coming back from Hack Day in Cannes, and after seeing some MIDEM panels, it is clear that music industry (generally speaking) is still reticent to changes and to technology. The shadows of the MP3 "evil" are still present.

I participated doing a couple of hacks, called Sing'Em All and the Artwork Maker. Feel free to check out the code and send me comments or questions, or contact the people I have worked with to make them possible. They have been fun to code, but hard to complete ;)

You can also read a good report of the Cannes event and see a bunch of pictures from the blog of Paul Lamere.

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