Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uncharted sounds

Probably one of the entertainment masterpieces of this year, has arrived. The guys from Naughty Dog once again proved that with proper resources and support, they are able to push boundaries beyond what can be achieved in the difficult labour of making games.

I just want to give some words and impressions from my recent plays of the game:
  • For me, the art direction is great. Enviroments, lighting, animations, models and textures all are top of the class.
  • The script. Although I'm not very into 'Indiana Jones' type of stories lately, I think this one supports the gameplay correctly.
  • Music. The soundtrack is also well produced, although I think the implementation isn't very brilliant specially with the music stinger that plays over and over again when Drake gets killed (it also happened in Uncharted 1). Nothing to say about the sound effects, simply superb.
  • Gameplay is nice, all goes smoothly.
  • Level design is well-balanced but I miss some polishment at some parts, specially in the 'snow' levels.
  • Cinematics are awesome, the voice acting and motion capture used for the characters really make the difference.

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